keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2016

Please, tell us shortly about yourself. Use your normal level of skill.


My name is Tuomo Hämäläinen. I am currently trying to tell about myself. I do that usually quite often, and without asking. But when teacher go where only people who have not been there before can go -  ask me to write about myself - I feel troubled.

This should be most important and interesting topic in the world. But somehow it’s considerably hard for me to write about myself. I am not certain why. I know myself. I have lived with me all my life. I am also not shy or modest. So how there can be a problem? (It's just words.)

So in front of this task I feel like in the situation with the quest books. (Some people, mostly elderly ones, have quest book where they collect comments from their visitors.) Firstly you are disappointed that you could not figure out anything funny and clever to say. (Or, in this case, write.) Then you are disappointed that you could not figure out anything to say.

So this homework is for me a writer’s block with deadline. Perhaps that is the reason why people talk about their cats. I don’t have cat. (That does not prevent me to flood videos of them on social media. Perhaps other people’s cats do the same? I think this trick do not work in my current task. Task about writing about myself.)

Writer’s block is actually a bit unusual feeling. Actually I write quite much. I am quite active philosophy-blogger. And one of the administrators of the Finnish bad-humour -site called “hikipedia”. (I can just hope you haven’t heard about it.). It’s wikibased collection of humouristic articles. (Many of them are not funny at all. Some manage, against all odds, contain some funny elements. But even those articles tend to be unspeakably bad. We are actually proud of that. We have strong brand. (But when wiki’s have not any real net worth, thinking about the brand is a bit silly.) Off course administrating anything wiki -based mean that you are mostly erasing what other people shouldn’t have written. But there is the more creative part. (And that all gives me only one paragraph.)

Perhaps Writer’s block have a reason. It’s hard to give context when the briefing was very open. When you can choose any topic and any perspective on that there is a vast space of themes and angles. (Or “stuff and things”, as says the fans of “Walking Dead”.) That is much space to fill from the void from my head. (My imagination is, after all, a bit like space ; vast but mostly empty.) And doing that there is actually many things you should not choose. (Like blaming teachers why you have not done your homework properly. Blaming is usually delegated to dogs. Perhaps dog ate the end part of this word document? I don't even own a dog! So I must blame the virtual dog which I shared in my social media status. Who could buy that?)

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