sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016


As some might know, I am not very good at languages. I can read english and even swedish. But building sentences : That is hard. My Finnish, the "indian language" (google translate) of mine, is also "complicated". I don't get much praise.

But sometimes it's even worse. (Finnish say that we overcome ourselves, but that make no sense. It is not possible to jump or climb over yourself.) That manifests sometime as a cry for help.

Like when you are struggling with english courses and send plea for your teacher. When you notice that you can not manage get courses through unless you get some compensatory education, developmental education or remedial education. And what you manage to generate goes like "My english is so bad that I need all the help I can get and threesome."

Then you just wait the reply. And hope it is not something like "that come out wrong ... or did it?" I don't know is it better or worse if teacher is male.

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